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Nationwide Tour this August

Hi everyone! we're on tour at the moment with the very talented Sam Allen and Joseph and Maia - all the dates are here on the facebook event page


Tauranga – August 4th - Major Toms w/JOSEPH & MAIA and JED & HERA

Cambridge - August 8th - Stables Bar w/JOSEPH & MAIA and JED PARSONS

Turoa - August 9th - Turoa Ski Lodge w/JOSEPH & MAIA and JED PARSONS

Whanganui – August 10th - Roam Cafe & Arena w/JOSEPH & MAIA and JED PARSONS

New Plymouth – August 14th - Rhythm Upstairs w/JOSEPH & MAIA and JED & HERA

Masterton – August 15th - Horse & Hound w/JOSEPH & MAIA and JED & HERA

Palmerston North – August 16th - The Royal w/JOSEPH & MAIA and JED & HERA

Wellington – August 17th - Fringe Bar w/JOSEPH & MAIA and JED & HERA

Nelson – August 21st - Free House w/JOSEPH & MAIA and JED & HERA

Lyttleton – August 22nd - Wunderbar w/JOSEPH & MAIA and JED & HERA

Ashburton – August 23rd - Braided Rivers Resturant & Bar SAM ALLEN SOLO

Dunedin – August 24 - Refuel w/JOSEPH & MAIA and HERA

Christchurch – August 25th - Dux w/JOSEPH & MAIA and JED & HERA

Invercargill – August 29th - Saints And Sinners w/JOSEPH & MAIA and JED & HERA

Greymouth – August 30th - Railway Hotel w/JOSEPH & MAIA

Westport – August 31st - Melbourne Hotel w/JOSEPH & MAIA and JED & HERA

Auckland – September 7th - Back Beat w/JOSEPH & MAIA and JED & HERA

Tickets on sale now from and from the venues



Manila madness...

Hello! yikes it's been a long time all over again... I've just come back from an amazing, eye opening, inspiring and wonderful trip away.. It was organized quite last minute for such a massive journey. 11 of us (musicians, artists, film makers and photographers - as part of the Fledge collective) traveled to Manila to make music, art, a documentary, and to play some very special shows...

We stayed and worked with mr Tony/Ynot Piggott - a NZ born, Manila based artist, He is a man who makes things happen and consistently surprises in wonderful ways.. *check out his art here* He connected us all and is the reason for the destination...

I think if I start listing all the amazing people we met, I will get lost in a web of wonderful and undoubtedly will forget to list everything/everyone, but we were all just so blown away... the people were so warm, loving, smiley, talented, creative and awesome, the food was ridiculously yummy, the weather was.. well it was hoootttt, and wet, so so humid - I loved it. The places we visited were something else... truly a trip none of us will ever forget.

Here I am, rambling on about how amazing it is: [youtube][/youtube]

We also released a bunch of documentary-style snippets on the fledgefilms site.. this is part 2 - features an unreleased song called ''come say hello'' [youtube][/youtube] check out part1 - and part3 (more to come)

Here are some pictures... This was at Earthdance Manila Festival - playing with mr Jed 

Playing with House Of Mountain - photo by Alan Bacchelli I absolutely love pizza.. but I could have slept on this one! 

A group photo by Alan Bacchelli - check out more pics here One more from Manila (for now) I just love the madness and happiness in this picture (+the best accessories ever) It was taken outside Kazbah - an awesome restaurant where we played and had amazing food. This is David - he joined the crew, literally last minute thanks to a wonderful stroke of serendipity... See the poster above... no, really have a look at it - this is 8 days away and will be amazing. It's a free event in the centre of Christchurch, part of the festival of transitional architecture (FESTA) - read more about the event here -

I'm in Taupo now, just played a show for a whole bunch of Icelanders who are working here, operating Týr - the geothermal drill.. Writing this at Taupo airport. I can see my guitar being loaded onto the plane now and I'm about to board..




Hello new website... An update on awesomeness!

Gosh it has been such a long time since I last blogged/wrote anything here.. That seems to be the way I tend to start blogs. Right, new years resolution to stop mentioning how I mean to blog more.. Re-start:

Hello people! Do you like the new website? (you can comment here, I think… I’m still getting to know my way around this) Marc Fairbairn has once again done such a wonderful job! Thank you Marc…

It has been an absolutely crazy wonderful, surprising, baffling, inspiring and awesome few months! And I thought it was time to write about at least some of what has been happening..

I have fallen into a family… They are wonderful.. It started when I was working on ‘Rattle my bones’ with Toby.. He recommended this great team of musicians who became ‘House of Mountain’ the band.. who then also became my backing band somewhere along the way, and we’ve been touring all over the south island.. House of mountain also back the brilliant ‘Happiness Stan’ and together, we’ve been working with a number of amazing people, on some awesome stuff..

(I don’t know if it’s a bad thing but I’m fast running out of descriptive words that say ‘this is wonderful’)

Anyway… As you might have seen on the Facebook page, and even here in the gallery section, I’ve just come back from the Fledge music Festival in Wanaka..

*this part is a very hard thing to describe but basically I went to a beautiful place for 8 days with amazing people to do awesome stuff… (Again, repeating myself..)

Mostly, we were recording and making music… along the way I also got the opportunity to PLAY GUITAR IN A BUBBLE ON A LAKE! How rad is that! We got some great photos during the trip of the many adventures that took place, attaching a few here.

 There will be some sneaky snippets out soon to see and hear, but Fledge is sort-of the company, that embraces the family…  More about fledge in the next blog…

Amanda Palmer came back to New Zealand! You might know if you’ve read earlier blogs or been on the mailing list, that I joined her on tour in NZ in 2010,  and she was meant to play in Christchurch last year with Jason Webley – but that turned out to be the day of the earthquake and the show never happened… but this time she was here with Brian Viglione on a Dresden Dolls tour! And we opened here at the Aurora Centre in Christchurch.. There are a whole lot of photos from the show here, and here… and on the day before the show, there was a Ninja gig at ‘Occupy’ in hagley park! Lots of photos from there online too.. I’m posting a few here below.. (sorry if they are your photos and I’m not putting the right credit on them, tell me off and I will fix it.. *promise)


These pics from the Ninja gig are by the lovely Karel Robbins 

I ended up playing ‘Sing’ with them, then learning ‘Creep’ by Radiohead on the spot...

 We have a fun show coming up this Saturday too.. Feb 18th at Riccarton House – as part of the Belgian Beer and Mussel Festival!

I also can’t recommend this show enough, it’s ‘’the complete history of Christchurch – abridged’’ by the Outwits… it’s so funny and awesome it made me cry! You have one week left to see it…

It’s on every night at 7pm in Hagley park (best to get there a little earlier to score a good place to park your picnic blanket – it’s an outdoor show) and there are 2pm and 7pm shows on Saturday and on Sunday..

I think that’s it for now.. there are just too many things to say… xoHera



Wednesday 24th January

Kiwi’s rejoice!  The Dresden Dolls reunion will be making another stop on the New Zealand leg of the tour.  The cabaret punk duo will be visiting the Aurora Center in Christchurch on January 25th.  This was the site of a devastating earthquake in February 2011 which thwarted an Amanda Palmer solo performance.  Proceeds from the show will be donated to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal. We’re also pleased to announce opening acts for all three New Zealand shows.  Joining The Dolls onstage in Auckland and Wellington will be Princess Chelsea, while Hera with House of Mountain will be the opening act in Christchurch.



Rattle my bones...

This blog has been such a long time coming... What a crazy few months it's been! We are still getting the occasional aftershock but things feel like they're finally settling down a bit (fingers crossed) If you missed it, we had another pretty scary earthquake on Feb 22nd and that changed a lot of things in Christchurch. Town is still cordoned off and there is rubble absolutely everywhere in the city centre... But it finally feels like things are opening up again - and we're rediscovering some of our favorite places opening in new locations and there are some lovely new places opening too, though it still feels a bit barren here and there are so many places that were the heart of this city, that we won't see again for a long long time.

 A few things I've recently discovered that make me happy; Piko wholefoods is now on Stanmore road, Scorpio books is open again in Riccarton, the arts centre bead shop has a little shop on the corner of cranford st and innes road, and the cheesemongers are open in the arts centre :)

This whole thing also delayed the album... we started recording before the first earthquake... It has been such an adventure. I recorded 3 songs when I was in Iceland last summer, and the first song we did was 'Rattle my bones' With a string quartet recorded here in Christchurch. Rattle my bones was also the first song released (it's here on and it felt so right to let it go... after the first quake and Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupting in Iceland, that just felt like my life. - 10 minutes after I sent out an email that 'Rattle my bones' the first single from the album was out - we had the second, BIG earthquake... And now... we have another volcano erupting in Iceland! Madness...

I'm so happy to finally say the album is finished :) and after everything that has happened, We decided it needs to be the name of the album; Rattle my bones. I'm so excited to hear what you all think.. it will be released very very soon - and.. since there are so few places open here in Christchurch and we have lost so many music venues - I will be doing a very special album release concert with the band in a very special place *join the mailing list for the where and when

Here is a new song, my very first ukulele song. I wrote it a couple of days before we finished recording, and it will be the final song on the album. The inspiration came from a saying we have in Iceland, if you're bored 'að drepast úr leiðindum' or dying of boredom... - we also have the sayings dying of cold, dying of thirst, dying of this and that as a measure of how awful something is - but, there is no saying for 'dying of happiness' and I thought, that would be a pretty nice way to go.

And I am very happy :)


I'm going to end this blog with a promise to blog a bit more ;) and here are some photos from the quake and another live song...

Jason Webley was here in Christchurch and was meant to be playing with Amanda Palmer at AL's bar that night...

And I know it's a strange and selfish thing to say but it was so wonderful to have Jason here, the two of us were at home when the quake hit, we were about to head into town for a coffee and lunch.. We had dinner (cooked outside on the bbq) with neighbours that night, by candle light while the chaos and the sirens continued outside.




The NZ Twinkie Experience

In November last year I was in New Orleans, and decided I'd really like to try a Twinkie. Thanks to movies like Die Hard and Zombieland I was curious about the iconic sponge cake. (no twinkies in Iceland or New Zealand, I heard they were awful but I really did want to try one) But I couldn't find one anywhere! We went to lots of different places and in the end I gave up. A couple of weeks ago, a box arrived in the mail. A box with 10 twinkies! I decided to share my first experience on twitter... and that's where the #nztwinkieexperience started. One twinkie related experience a day until the box was finished...

Here is a list of what happened.. #1: first twinkie ever. Live-tweeted experience #2: Shared one twinkie with an entire band ''Ed muzik and the Burning Sensations'' and tweeted their thoughts (this is where I heard about fluff, the marshmallow spread, and am now endlessly curious... next time) #3: Something went wrong and the twinkie was completely ''smushed'' in my bag, so I tried a smushed twinkie. #4: This is where I felt I had tasted enough. The first twinkie execution! (see video below)


#5: discovered that the left-over twinkie was completely devoured by the birds. (yes this one is the same twinkie as the execution, I gave one away) #6: Another execution! with very special thanks to Jack Dagger (this one was dangerous!)


#7: Made a twinkie cocktail - the Twinkie-tini ;) Blend 1/2 a twinkie with 2 shots of vodka. Muddle the juice from 1 lime. Shake together with Ice and strain into a glass. (garnish with lemon and a pretty umbrella!) Voila! (this actually didn't taste bad.. but there was a bit of twinkie-sludge at the bottom of the glass..) Thanks to Nicholas Hall for helping with this one :)

#8: I passed the experience onto a friend. To Toby at Tandem Studios, and he tweeted his experience #9: The very beautiful Magenta Diamond whipped a twinkie from my mouth! (scary)


(another twinkie execution and me in danger experience)

#10: It was a cold and rainy day, so I walked into underground coffee and they made me a Twoffee!

Extra special thanks to Bill and Sharon Stiteler for sending me the twinkies (I'm not sure they approve of the executions.. or if they'll forgive me...) and to Jack Daggerand Shelby, the Magenta Diamond, Nick the cocktail master, Ed Muzik, and Underground :)

PS: if you're not on twitter, you should be ;)



Thank you for 2010

Hello everyone :) We are almost at the end of the year now and I just wanted to say hope you all have a wonderful holiday/christmas/hanukkah/celebration/relaxing time/end of year thing wherever you are! Over here in New Zealand, it's hot and summery! A very different story in Iceland at this time.. and although I miss the snow and the twinkling lights, I'm really looking forward to some family time, enjoying a nice white wine in the sun ;) and celebrating/relaxing at home...

As you probably know we have revamped the mailing list - you can sign up to the new one over here for news, upcoming tours/concerts and blogs etc..

Thank you all so much for your support with the Not your type release (you can read more about it here below on the blog - you can still be a part of the next album!) :)

I'm attaching a couple of super christmasy photos from yeeeears ago here below :) and Tim Minchin's live version of White wine in the sun, hope you enjoy and wishing you wonderful times ahead xox Hera




NOLA and the November madness

November madness includes New Orleans, surprize wedding, birthday celebrations, documentary, beignets, Icelandic interview and more... Too many things to write about... I guess I'll start with some Icelandic ;) this is an interview I did in Iceland in July. (there is a scattering of english words in there too) I played a few songs and we chatted at Hotel Borg in Reykjavik while I was on tour over there...


I just got home from New Orleans, we went over to celebrate Neil's 50th birthday.. Had such an awesome time and met so many wonderful people! Here are some photos from the trip:

-you can read more about it, and see more photos on Amanda's blog here

Cat Mihos, Bill Stiteler, Freak and the Fabulous Lorraine... these people are all wonderful and I miss them :) Miss new orleans and the awesome week that was filled with hats, chats and goodness :)

You can also read more about it here on Neil's blog

Arrived back home on Tuesday and am catching up with the computery bits and pieces, some exciting things coming up this summer ;)

Thank you so much to everyone who is supporting the new album :) -did you read the last blog? ;)

And for those of you frustrated with the Icelandic interview... here is not a translation, but a documentary! by the super lovely Alina White, who contacted me a few months ago about doing this, it was her project for film school (- the school of fine arts, university of Canterbury.) She's also an awesome artist! Here it is in two parts :) xo





Release release release...

Remember, remember the 5th of November...I've been waiting for this day for a long time...

8 years ago I signed a contract for the release of my third album 'not your type' which was also my first officially released album in Iceland. Today, that contract expires :) I won't go into too many details, but what this means for me is that I can now release it myself :) It has been sitting like a caged bird on a shelf for so many years, there were no more copies of the physical album made after it sold out in Iceland, and it has only really been available from one online site. I've never seen any income from sales of this album, online or otherwise..

now if you buy this album :) it goes directly towards the creation of my next album!! I've been asked about this one so many times its wonderful to finally be able to share it. I'm so proud of it, although my voice is young ;) there are some amazing musicians playing with me and incredibly talented people who made this album happen.. It was after the release of this album that I won the Icelandic music award.

The photos are also some of the last that were taken with my naked face ;) Seems so strange to see it now after all these years..

On bandcamp which is where you get it from, you can listen to the whole thing for free! and name your own price/donation for downloading single songs or the whole album - everything goes towards the new album! (anyone who donates $100 or more gets a thank you credit on the next album :) ) (over $150 and I'll send you a thank you letter and package via snail-mail) *sadly no kickstarter options as I'm not US based so we are doing it here on the blog and via bandcamp!

Hope you enjoy it, so glad I can share it The whole-album-download includes special extras ;) photos, video and more..

Also coming very soon - youtube documentary by the wonderful Alina White, and interviews from Iceland... xx



All shook up...

As you've probably heard there was a massive earthquake in Christchurch this morning at 4.25am.. I just wanted to say we are all ok here, a lot of damage to repair in the city..I posted some photos throughout the day on twitter, here are a few..



Iceland - Paris - New Zealand

Arrived back in New Zealand on Monday after a wonderful and very crazy six weeks away.. Again I just can't believe it's been two years since I was last in Iceland! So much has changed and at the same time so little.. June-August is a brilliant time to be there, lots happening, 24 hour daylight and a lot of people enjoying their summer holiday. I like extremes.. Love the coldest part of winter too - the two best times to go if you're planning on visiting Iceland ;) During winter you get the snow and the dark days - it's quite beautiful when you have white snow covering the ground and a pitch black sky, the snow glows.. And the northern lights.. I miss the northern lights. (I have a dvd with video footage but it's just not the same..) Feel like I'm getting a bit sentimental..

A couple of days before leaving Iceland I went into the studio and recorded 3 songs with Haffi Tempó, and Gummi P (brilliant guys) More news on that soon but the plans are exciting..

Then went to Paris! my first time there and already planning to go back! Was completely wowed by all of it! Had some amaaaaazing food/wine! saw some beautiful places/people and walked my feet off!

It's good to be home though.. greeted by two very happy cats and a very cold wind! Still winter over here! (this is the bit where I would complain but it's actually quite nice and refreshing, coming from a lovely hot summer..) At least we are through the coldest part of it here -and soon it will be Spriiiiiing!

Here are some photos from the trip :)



There's no need to ligt a night light on a light night like tonight...

One of my favorite tongue twisters.. and it's so true over here! Daylight 24 hours and summer..

The tour started last week and there are only two shows to go now.. I started at the Ghost museum in Stokkseyri - an awesome venue! there's a lovely article about ithere by Reykjavik Grapevine.. their official website is here.

I spent time between concerts at Hella with family, about an hours drive from Reykjavik and just so peaceful.. this is where I did the forest-jumping ;) Everything is so green here at the moment, and I'm loving all the summer wildflowers as I mentioned in the last blog..

Then Oddakirkja was the next concert.. here's a short video I posted on twitter last week.. it's the bell-tower and the view out the window. (very happy cat on the pavement outside)



And we bumped into some beautiful Icelandic horses near the volcano.. got out of the car and they came right away to say hello.. got this beautiful but slightly sad picture of them and the ashy sky..

And then there was Reykjavik.. which just rocked. Love the venue (Rosenberg) and had a great night.. then had a bit of a night on the town ;) *I really am still finding the daylight a bit odd..

One more month here and then back to NZ.. via paris! xo



Who said there are no trees in Iceland?

Landed! and my inner timezone is almost in sync with where I am.. Hit the ground running and just getting into the groove of things now..  Here is some proof there are trees in Iceland.. small ones.. but trees :)

and some beautiful Icelandic wild flowers.. Lupins, sóleyjar, blágresi.. but I'm not sure what the purple one is.. (would really love to know..)

keeping this super short but will write lots more soon.. the tour starts this weekend.. xox




I'm at the airport in Paris killing time before I can check in to the flight to Iceland.. Flight from Christchurch to Singapore = 10.5 hours.. 6 hours between flights there (Love Changi airport.. even had time for a bubble bath!)  then Singapore to Paris = 13.5hours.. 7 hours in Paris at the airport.. then 3.5 hours to Reykjavik.. So it takes about two days to get to Iceland from New Zealand.. or 27.5 hours in the air Je suis fatigué..

And so here I am in Paris.. and I can't find enough excuses to speak the french I know.. I loved learning it at school and have been on my way here for so long.. Really enjoyed ordering coffee, red wine and pan au chocolat.. But I can't really walk up to someone here and just say 'I'm tired' or 'it's quite hot here' or 'I am really sorry' (or some of the other bits and pieces I know in french..)

Anyway.. I'll be back here just for a few short days in August and will do some walking about so I'm sure at least I'll get a chance to talk about the weather.

Iceland in a few hours.. it really is a bit weird. I can't believe it's been two years! but then again it never feels like any time at all once I'm there and I'm sure it will go by far too quickly. This time I'll be twittering along the way, and will do some more video blogging too..

I'll have a few days to rest (I'm lying.. it will be chaos from landing) but then the first concert will be next weekend.. 1st of July at 'Draugasetrið' which is an Icelandic ghost museum! yes.. GHOST museum! Will talk about it more in the next blog.. then on July 2nd at 'Oddakirkja' again *you can see the video from the last time I was there.. here


And then in Reykjavik at Café Rosenberg on Saturday the 3rd..

The 'Evening Inn' at Pomeroys was wonderful.. we had mulled wine and chocolate and much cosy-ness on a crazy stormy night.. I've been experimenting a bit more on the sewing machine and made my outfit ;) will post photos next time..

Ah summer here I come! xo



June June June...

It's June.. in case you hadn't noticed.. A little bit scary because time seems to have a will of its own and has sped up on me.. I'm leaving for Iceland in about two weeks! Music month was brilliant! the Al's bar concert was wonderful! it was so nice to re-visit some forgotten songs and be warm and cosy during the rain (it has been raining here in New Zealand for a loooong time now..) Thank you all for making it magical :)

There is ONE more concert here in Christchurch before I head off.. It's at a favorite place that's usually closed on monday nights.. they are opening especially for us... all the info is on the poster below.. I'm quite excited I get to share a favorite thing on the night.. the special treat ;).. Here's the poster:

The end of Music month got a bit hectic so I forgot to do the last poem post :) So here is a final silly poem from my childhood...

The frog Prince, version 2  (1997)A frog jumped along, of the rock in the pond, he got to a well, and there was a blond, She´d dropped her ring, all the way down, he decided to bribe her, then steal her crown. She was a princess, with wealth and power, she had the room , in the castle tower, He wanted her wealth, he wanted her life, maybe a kiss, but not a new wife. He said to the princess, I get you the ring, if you just grant me, one little thing, can I come over, can I have a shower, can I sleep in the room, in the castle tower, for just one night, you won´t be sad, I'm just a wee frog, could I, be bad. She said, well..... okay, you can stay one night, but don't start croaking, you'll give me a fright. so all was set, he didn't have long, he had to be careful, for all could go wrong, so after a shower, they all went to sleep, and as they´d been drinking, they slept real deep, The frog got ready, with a gun in one hand, he slid down the stairs, on the last step, he'd land. He went to the bedrooms, he killed them all,,, with a victory smile on his face, (that was small). He took over the castle, and all the kings men, and changed his name, to Royal Prince Ben. He lived happy for ever, in every way, he's the richest frog that has lived... Hurray!

Here's a photo taken at 'the first ever second Laugh inn' at Pomeroys the other day.. The belt and my guitar strap are made by Ágústa - a wonderful Icelandic designer and friend who's just releasing a new label.. check out her stuff here - The material in my guitar strap is redfish ..yep fish :)  Photo by Shaun Waugh

And I was sent something so wonderful the other day I just have to share it :) these are the year 4-6 students at Hurunui college (where I went and worked with the older kids in April) performing 'Makebelieve girl' at Assembly.. They are awesome :) :)





Iceland tour dates and white sauce

The Iceland tour dates are up! and here below, the poster can be found in the live section here on the site :) Can't believe it's only a few short weeks away.. it's been about two years since I was last there..

Fimmtudaginn 1 júlí - Draugasetrið, Stokkseyri Föstudaginn 2 júlí - Oddakirkja, Rangárvöllum Laugardaginn 3 Júlí - Café Rosenberg, Reykjavík

Föstudaginn 9 júlí - Hótel Framtíð, Djúpavogi

Fimmtudaginn 15 júlí - Græni Hatturinn, Akureyri and here's the facebook event

Also thought I'd share something with you.. This was made as part of the 48 hour film challenge..


One more poem next week at the end of music month ;) till then - have wonderful days.



Snowflakes and songs

It's autumn. Leaves everywhere! I'm going to skip the coldest part of New Zealand winter and head to Iceland for a few weeks. Believe it or not winter sometimes feels colder here.. it's the damp in-your-bones kinda cold, not the smack-in-the-face Iceland cold.

I'd forgotten about this poem. My uncle reminded me and I found it again.. this was inspired by the snow which we don't see often enough on this side of the world. Written in New Zealand three years after we moved here. I was 14.

The snowflake children.   10/10/1997

A shimmering crystal falls from a cloud, starting her endless journey down. Thinking her thoughts to herself, yet aloud to the world in a song that will never drown.

Now it's her moment, her moment to shine and she'll dance with the wind along her way, then she'll crash to he ground, breaking her spine. Her life over now, she had her say.

A second snowflake falls from a cloud. Coming from heaven his life is a dream. He dances down, it's his time, he is proud, then gently touches the surface of the stream.

Perfection is ruined, in the stream he dies. He is washed away with the unlucky few, and on the ground his family cries at the loss of a snowflake whose life was so new.

A thousand lives fall from a cloud They dance to the bottom, each on their own, and they never pair off in their own little crowd, then some of them go to the edge so unknown.

These precious lives so fine, so pure, their souls are hidden their beauty unseen, their lives so harsh, what they have to endure. I show the truth, I´m the snowflake queen.

I'm told it looks like it's been snowing black in Reykjavík, the ash is everywhere.. Found these amazing photos taken at Seljavalla laug - an outdoor swimming pool covered in ash. Scroll down.. they're really quite awesome pictures.

On may 28th I'll be playing at Al's bar as part of New Zealand music month.. it's a bit different this time, the setlist will by request so if there's something you really want to hear you can request on the night, or here on twitter.. *you can also request covers, I can't promise to do them all but I'll definitely pick a couple to do..

Also - the presale tickets are on bandcamp! and come with a free song.. If you get the song here your ticket/s will be held on the door :)

Once again I feel like I'm flashing you.. so here's another poem. I remember writing this one. It was in Goose bay Kaikoura where I spent a lot of holidays when I was little in a house called Moana (Ocean)

Am I a witch?    16/12/1997 in Kaikoura

If I were to be tied upon a stake, all my belongings thrown into a ditch. People would come from all around the country. And I´d be burned as the rotten village witch.

When I burst into red flames upon that stake. I´ll cast an evil spell, upon your souls. And I´ll speak the words of terror from my little black book, Megið þið brenna milli stafs og stóls.

The flames from underneath will come and twist around your feet, and drag you down with flaming force, you´ll scream. And you´ll wish you hadn´t tied me to that rotten burning stake, and hope to awake, from just a bad dream.

I think you need to think, before you burn me. Is my little black book really a spell upon a spell, or is it just my thaughts, my words, my dreams, and what I do? or am I infact a wicked witch, from the boiling depths of hell?



And there I will wait..

Happy New Zealand music month everyone! For the past few weeks I've been doing teaching a songwriting workshop at Hurunui college, as part of the New Zealand music commission's mentoring program.. Yesterday was the last day and the groups I worked with performed their new songs in front of a room full of students :) it's always so amazing to see the results and I have such a wonderful time seeing these ideas come to life...

Here's a photo taken yesterday at the final performance

If you're following on twitter you probably know we've been trying to find out what's wrong with my wee kitten Freyja.. she's had some mysterious bumps since a month before christmas and we've done so many tests to try and find out what it is that's causing them... Found out that they're allergies - and finally got all the results back.. She is allergic to over 16 things! 5 trees, grasses, orris root, tomato, lamb, housefly, house dustmites, egg, cotton, tuna and a few more... Scary that such a little living being can have so many big problems.. Lucky she's an inside cat so the grasses/pollens/trees won't be too much of a problem. The next step is to order a vaccine and try to desensitise her to the things that are hardest to eliminate, dustmites and cotton.. Here she is again:

And some more news ** there's a brand-spanking-new website up on Bandcamp! Some completely unreleased stuff is up there! it's such a wonderful site! you can name your price for single song downloads or whole album downloads.. For the first time 'Live at AL's' is available with all the lyrics! (they show up on your ipod/iphone/mp3 player when you play the songs) and lots of extras - including live video footage from the night, and the Feels so good music video, photos, artwork and more!

There's also a live album called 'Live in Reykjavik' that was recorded at the album release concert for 'Hafið þennan dag' and has never been available online :) and an unreleased EP that was recorded just after the release of 'Not so sweet' in 2001..

So go have a look :) --- you can listen to all the songs there for free :) :)

Hope you're all having a wonderful May! And as promised, here's another of my early poems..

And there I will wait    Written May 1997

If you want to find me, go to the moon and look for a pathway of stars. Pass the crystal roses and the water of life and head for a planet called mars. There will be temptations like lying and lust and obstacles causing delay. And then theres the words hiding deep in your mind if I go, will she force me to stay? Cross the fields of silence, but don't make an attemt to pick the black daises of fear. But don´t worry, your journey will soon come to end I can feel it, I know you are near. The diamond dewdrops of sorrow will shine on the grass of dreams in the night. You will walk through the forest of stories and lies very soon, I will be in your sight You will push your way through the burning bush of promises made but not true, And there in the pond of hope I will stand, and I will have been waiting for you.

Hera Hjartardóttir.



Early early poetry

I've just been doing some tidying in my computer (it's amazing how much invisible disorganized mess there is..) and found a mysterious forgotten folder with some of my early poetry from when I was about 14. I was just starting to write music and was performing my poetry at the Wunderbar in lyttelton on cabaret nights. I couldn't have found a better performance school really..

Anyway, there's some pretty wonderful stuff coming up and the Iceland tour is mostly booked! I'm playing next weekend on Friday 30th at the Grosvenor bar with Dr Sanchez - who also desiged this awesome poster:

We will be doing a few songs together too! so do come if you're in the area ;)

Next month - May is New Zealand music month! and there are so many things on to see, do and listen to! I'll be playing at AL's bar on the 28th! (more info on that soon)

But I thought I may as well share one of my early poems with you.. (maybe even one a week during music month..) This one below is called Purple woman. I remember writing it. I was sitting on the beach in Tumbledown bay.. (and I remember I wrote it with a pencil and the sun was setting..)

Purple Woman    26 / 12 / 1997

I was alone, in a place far away, and I had no reason to run. So I sat down, on the velvet smooth grass, and was bathed in the light of the sun.

I had come there to think, in silence, alone, not to be noticed or seen. And then I was taken by awe, and amase, as the copper sun, turned green.

The clouds went red, and the sky went black, and the grass went brittle and dry. And oh, how I wished, that someone was there, to prove that it was not a lie.

The hills opened up, and a woman stepped out, shining of power and might. Her skin was purple, her eyes were blue, and her hair was snowy white.

I walked upto her, I guess she got scared, c'os she screamed, then she ran for the hill. Then she disappeared, and everything changed, and the world was once again still.

I was confused, had it been true? my mind had come to a spin. I thaught I´d experienced feelings towards the woman wit purple skin.

I went back home, and went to sleep, I never mentioned that day. C'os who would believe, that the sun had turned green, It made no difference, anyway.

Over the years I be came obsessed with the purple beuty I'd seen, I painted her picture and dreamed of her eyes, a godess, a leader, a queen.

I longed to see her, and so I went back to the hills and the velvet smooth grass. I sat down and I waited for her and I let the time slowly pass.

An hour went by and I knew that she knew that I'd come to see her that day, but this time was diffrent, she came towards me and she didn´t run away.

She came up close and took my hand With nails as sharp as knife my mood was mellow, I was in a trance in her arms right then was my life.

Her hair blown back, in the wind so white, so clean, so fresh, I felt her lips upon my skin and her teeth sink into my flesh.

A tingling sensation, not terror, not pain I feel blood running down my skin as she feeds on my body, eating my mind I feel numb for there´s not much within.

My blood on her lips, my blood on her hands, my blood running down her breast, her beastly ways, her gnashing of teeth, I feel this is my final rest.

so all that is left, in a puddle of blood, is my quivering, lonely heart, lying under the sky so black, and the green sun, just like at the start.

And now I´m up here, on the other side, looking down at the hills and the grass, looking at him, he's waiting for her, and I let the time slowly pass.

I wish I could tell him, to go back home, ti hide, to flee, to run. To not be charmed by the purple beast, or the rays of the shining green sun.

Hera Hjartardóttir.

And here's a photo from then-ish. Taken at the cranmer centre in a semi-abandoned stairwell where I used to go and write music and practice (I didn't know there were offices upstairs at the time, and they could hear me - no one ever came through that way..) Aah the baggy pants with reflective strips.. and the spaceish-smurf shoes that I used to love..

Ok now I feel like I've just flashed you all...

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