It's been a busy wonderful week, my Stage Ninja cables arrived in the post, and am very much looking forward to using them! Thank you guys!! The Al's bar concert for New Zealand Music month is confirmed for May 16th, and I will be performing with very special guest James Wilkinson.. it's been many years since we've played together :) .. Keep an eye out too for the Chart concert in the Town Hall *It's on may 23rd and I'll be on the acoustic stage.. more info to come..

Thank you all for the lovely comments :) I'm going to try to answer some questions here, A lot of you asked about the bread shoes.. The bread was fresh from the bakery.. and it felt lovely to wear them ;)

The bath of red wine was not quite as warm as it looked.. but it smelled so nice with the oranges and cloves in.. (and I was quite surprised that it didn't stain..)

April Fool's day story: This came from Sommer; (your package is on the way..) :)

My dad used to be a truck driver and when I was little, every April Fool's Day, my mom would help me pack his lunch, where I always would include some hard boiled eggs along with a one unboiled one. Every year, my dad would call home to report how he had been driving down the interstate, gotten a little hungry for a snack, grabbed an egg out of his cooler and gave it a good crack on the steering wheel, only to get covered in goop.. I thought it was hysterical.. what a good sport he is! :)

And this picture made me laugh :) (thank you Bill)

**Those of you who found me through the Cute Overload link should go have a look at theDisapproving Rabbits site... super cute!

Speaking of cute.. I went swimming in the sea withHector's Dolphins this afternoon.. it was a wonderful experience! They are so small! and beautiful!