Good morning everyone and thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes :) I had a wonderful day which started off with a drastic change.

This pic went up on twitter early in the day..

It was great to shock/surprise friends and family, and was time for a change I think :-)

It's been a lovely march and now it feels like winter is here.. I went to Auckland and ended up playing a show last minute, opening for Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls at the Studio.. This happened through Neil who is wonderful :-) Here's a pic:

I've been getting more and more lost on Twitter, so if you think I'm not writing enough here, come see me there, it's a very different blog/thing..

The next concert coming up will be at the Loons in Lyttelton -christchurch, on the 24th of April.. See the poster here on the site or go to the Facebook event page.. The Loons is a brilliant venue, this will be my first time playing there and we're planning on previewing something special on the night so come and be a part of it..Call the Loons Or Click here for booking online It's been a crazy few weeks so there are no Tshirts up on the Etsy site yet, but this week will be listing some new stuff and the Tshirts are coming.. promise :)

Hope you all had a wonderful April Fool's day! send me your pranks ;-) xox!