Hello and happy April Fool's dayI am an april fool. The day I was born my dad told his friends but they all thought he was joking (really) and I have heard of at least one person with the same birthday, whose parents told him it was on another day to spare him the jokes.. It has not been bad at all :) Although when I was little, my friends would wrap things in sellotape over and over - and over.

So I wanted to share something with you here..

The picture below was taken in 1994, I was 11. It was posted on a version of this website a long time ago but here it is again;

This year has been wonderful :) I've had a chance to work with some brilliant people here in New Zealand, and to work with my friends :)

Hoping you all have a wonderful day! Here is something that was uploaded just now * The day I got my very first guitar (I was 8 years old) I sat in front of the mirror on the lounge floor and pretended to play this song. It was written the year I was born, and it has been a favorite for as long as I can remember.. I then performed this song at Bubbi Morthens 06,06,06 concert, the day he turned 50.. as a tribute..


And one more photo for you ;) This is my cat Brjánn/Brian, when he was a kitten.. you can see him as he is now, in the Feels so good music video - yes he is a sphynx cat like in the Austin Powers movie, but he is black and white - which makes him pink and grey ;) (can get sunburned on the pink bits)