I'm home now. Copenhagen was wonderful! it didn't rain while I was there, which was really nice. I got very sick on the day I left Iceland, and completely lost my voice. Nothing would come out louder than a whisper - I literally couldn't even fake talking.. But I'm very stubborn and refused to call the two venues and cancel the concerts. But went instead to see an ear nose and throat specialist and find out what it was or if anything was damaged, and was told I've over-strained my vocal chords (from doing many concerts in a row, and singing/writing in between..) a bit like a sprained muscle.. But he prescribed an inhaler (which I used only on the day of the concerts) and some kamillete herbal tea. (I think it's eccinacea?) and I got through without having to cancel :)

The first concert was at an art opening at Nordatlantensbrygge. The artist wasHelgi Thorgils Friidjonsson, who is Icelandic, so there were a lot of Icelandic people there although all the speeches were in danish.

The picture here was also taken at Nordatlantensbrygge upstairs, there was an exhibition on Greenland 1906-1908 a lot of beautiful sketches and old diaries.. The picture is with a stuffed polar bear..

Then in the evening I played at Cafe Blasen, which I think is the smallest venue I've ever played in (even smaller than the church in oddi, Oddakirkja) and it was amazing! there was hardly room to breathe in there, absolutely packed with people and it had such a wonderful vibe! very very  cosy!

And I visited Tivoli! on the first day in Copenhagen, completely voice-less and went on the demon rollercoaster without being able to scream... very strange experience.. I felt somehow pollite, just sitting there and smiling...  Here´s a short video from the second day, taken in between concerts..


Now I'm home and voiceless again.. settling into the time zone and geeking out on the new iphone (I'm a bit of a gadget nerd) Just over two weeks until the next concert so I can rest a little..

Here are my friends babies Pinto and Pottle, I've been knitting in Iceland while touring, and made these two little Lopapeysa's for them.. (traditional Icelandic woolen sweaters) *they do have a purpose, little ones get very cold here in the New Zealand winter..

And here is mine, this is Brjánn / Brian, I posted a picture of him here a long time ago but there's a more recent picture now on the right :) He's a hairless sphynx cat..