The concert is now an open event on facebook :) so click hereto join or invite people.. Everything is booked and sorted for the trip, so this will be the official 'going away' gig... :) although I'm only away for a couple of months this time.. - a lot of you have asked about copies of the Icelandic album 'Hafið þennan dag' so at this concert it will be available (a limited number) for the first time in New Zealand!! *If you're somewhere else in the world and have been looking for this one.. you can email here through the site and make an order :) these are very limited so there is no 'ordering system' just contact :)

We will be doing some video footage on the night too so if you're somewhere else, you'll be able to see some of it online soon after :) and we are recording a live album as well..

I did some photos with Morphic Creations over the weekend.. will pop some here when they're ready :) Merino is definitely the way for winter - and Glastonbury for that matter.. Someone had a theory on the weather there.. ''every five years it goes crazy..'' It's been 3 years since I played there so hopefully no thunder this time ;) - Looking forward to a double summer ;)

I have one VIP double pass ticket to give away for the concert at AL's bar.. all you have to do is tell me who you want to invite and why you should win ;) send through the contact here on the site and I will post the result here next monday..

and here is a photo, taken by Richard Loader at the Cathedral Square concert last month..  xox:)