Arrived back in New Zealand on Monday after a wonderful and very crazy six weeks away.. Again I just can't believe it's been two years since I was last in Iceland! So much has changed and at the same time so little.. June-August is a brilliant time to be there, lots happening, 24 hour daylight and a lot of people enjoying their summer holiday. I like extremes.. Love the coldest part of winter too - the two best times to go if you're planning on visiting Iceland ;) During winter you get the snow and the dark days - it's quite beautiful when you have white snow covering the ground and a pitch black sky, the snow glows.. And the northern lights.. I miss the northern lights. (I have a dvd with video footage but it's just not the same..) Feel like I'm getting a bit sentimental..

A couple of days before leaving Iceland I went into the studio and recorded 3 songs with Haffi TempĆ³, and Gummi P (brilliant guys) More news on that soon but the plans are exciting..

Then went to Paris! my first time there and already planning to go back! Was completely wowed by all of it! Had some amaaaaazing food/wine! saw some beautiful places/people and walked my feet off!

It's good to be home though.. greeted by two very happy cats and a very cold wind! Still winter over here! (this is the bit where I would complain but it's actually quite nice and refreshing, coming from a lovely hot summer..) At least we are through the coldest part of it here -and soon it will be Spriiiiiing!

Here are some photos from the trip :)