It's June.. in case you hadn't noticed.. A little bit scary because time seems to have a will of its own and has sped up on me.. I'm leaving for Iceland in about two weeks! Music month was brilliant! the Al's bar concert was wonderful! it was so nice to re-visit some forgotten songs and be warm and cosy during the rain (it has been raining here in New Zealand for a loooong time now..) Thank you all for making it magical :)

There is ONE more concert here in Christchurch before I head off.. It's at a favorite place that's usually closed on monday nights.. they are opening especially for us... all the info is on the poster below.. I'm quite excited I get to share a favorite thing on the night.. the special treat ;).. Here's the poster:

The end of Music month got a bit hectic so I forgot to do the last poem post :) So here is a final silly poem from my childhood...

The frog Prince, version 2  (1997)A frog jumped along, of the rock in the pond, he got to a well, and there was a blond, She´d dropped her ring, all the way down, he decided to bribe her, then steal her crown. She was a princess, with wealth and power, she had the room , in the castle tower, He wanted her wealth, he wanted her life, maybe a kiss, but not a new wife. He said to the princess, I get you the ring, if you just grant me, one little thing, can I come over, can I have a shower, can I sleep in the room, in the castle tower, for just one night, you won´t be sad, I'm just a wee frog, could I, be bad. She said, well..... okay, you can stay one night, but don't start croaking, you'll give me a fright. so all was set, he didn't have long, he had to be careful, for all could go wrong, so after a shower, they all went to sleep, and as they´d been drinking, they slept real deep, The frog got ready, with a gun in one hand, he slid down the stairs, on the last step, he'd land. He went to the bedrooms, he killed them all,,, with a victory smile on his face, (that was small). He took over the castle, and all the kings men, and changed his name, to Royal Prince Ben. He lived happy for ever, in every way, he's the richest frog that has lived... Hurray!

Here's a photo taken at 'the first ever second Laugh inn' at Pomeroys the other day.. The belt and my guitar strap are made by Ágústa - a wonderful Icelandic designer and friend who's just releasing a new label.. check out her stuff here - The material in my guitar strap is redfish ..yep fish :)  Photo by Shaun Waugh

And I was sent something so wonderful the other day I just have to share it :) these are the year 4-6 students at Hurunui college (where I went and worked with the older kids in April) performing 'Makebelieve girl' at Assembly.. They are awesome :) :)