Today is my last day here in Iceland. There are so many things I'm going to miss all over again, and so many things I meant to do but there just wasn't time for... It's a beautiful sunny day today, and this summer has just been incredible! I went for one last trip out of town on sunday.. to where the Icelandic forest videos were taken, and got to relax a little :) Now I'm getting everything sort of into one place so I don't leave anything behind, and getting ready for the concert in Denmark.

Very happy with the tour and the final concert, here are some photos from the night.. Taken by Sigurdur (thank you)

The dress was made for me by STARKILLER - an awesome Icelandic label..

Not sure if I've mentioned this before, but since you can see it so well in the pics; My guitar strap is made from catfish.. by Gustadesign

and there is a review of the final concert here..

Bye for now :) next post will either be from Denmark, Singapore or New Zealand.. xox