It's been quite a while since I last wrote here, Lots of things going on and it's looking like it's going to be an interesting summer! (we had frost, snow and hail only a few days ago, and yesterday was 31 degrees..) Last weekend was Southern Amp, which was wonderful! And I've attached some photos from there, here below.    *Photos by Matt Stead.

I've just finished a course of teaching here in Christchurch for the New Zealand Music Commission. It's called the mentoring program, where musicians go to schools, and teach music in a different way... (which I think is brilliant, because I didn't really enjoy the way they tought when I was at school..) This is more like a songwriting workshop, and it's just such a great thing to take part in. My last class was five very talented boys, and I can actually show you something wonderful ;) one of my students was already writing music before the workshop, and is going to go very far I believe.. this is his performance on What Now after he won a songwriting competition there recently, his name is Rahul and he's 12 years old..


If you're watching this on the facebook site and can't see the video **here is the link**

I'll be doing some more teaching near Taupo next month, which is where my cat came from.. (I've been away from home for a few days and he just cannot get enough smooches right now.. they say dogs don't have too much of a sense of time as in how long you've been away for, wether it's an hour or three days.. but I really think my cat knows..)

I've moved house since I last wrote here, and have been writing lots of new songs.. Will be making another music video very soon with the same crew as worked on 'Feels so good' This time for 'The devil and me' and looking forward to it..

Next concert coming up is at the Nut Point Gallery on the 29th this month. I haven't played there before but I think it will be lovely. It's about 22km from the city center, and is part of their songwriters series.. xox for now