November madness includes New Orleans, surprize wedding, birthday celebrations, documentary, beignets, Icelandic interview and more... Too many things to write about... I guess I'll start with some Icelandic ;) this is an interview I did in Iceland in July. (there is a scattering of english words in there too) I played a few songs and we chatted at Hotel Borg in Reykjavik while I was on tour over there...


I just got home from New Orleans, we went over to celebrate Neil's 50th birthday.. Had such an awesome time and met so many wonderful people! Here are some photos from the trip:

-you can read more about it, and see more photos on Amanda's blog here

Cat Mihos, Bill Stiteler, Freak and the Fabulous Lorraine... these people are all wonderful and I miss them :) Miss new orleans and the awesome week that was filled with hats, chats and goodness :)

You can also read more about it here on Neil's blog

Arrived back home on Tuesday and am catching up with the computery bits and pieces, some exciting things coming up this summer ;)

Thank you so much to everyone who is supporting the new album :) -did you read the last blog? ;)

And for those of you frustrated with the Icelandic interview... here is not a translation, but a documentary! by the super lovely Alina White, who contacted me a few months ago about doing this, it was her project for film school (- the school of fine arts, university of Canterbury.) She's also an awesome artist! Here it is in two parts :) xo