The tour is now officially over.. although the last concert is tomorrow night in the capital - Reykjavik..  I have to share with you a couple of photos (thank you to Guðmundur Heiðar Gunnarsson, who took them, in Ísafjörður) This one here below made me think of a certain scene in Forest Gump.. because it looks like I'm playing naked.. (I'm not really.. you can see in the second picture)

I've been writing a lot on this tour, and have started and finished a few songs while backstage before a concert.. there's a mention of the concert in Hólmavík here... I wrote a song upstairs(backstage), finished it five minutes before the concert, then came downstairs and played it for the first time live.. :)

Today I played at Poppland on Iceland radio Rás 2.. you can read about it here.. and should be able to listen to it in a few hours online.. it's Poppland at 15.00pm.

Tickets for the final concert are available online here at It will be at Domo - Þingholtsstræti 5, 101 Rvk and starts 9pm

And on friday I'll be playing in Denmark! WIll be my first visit there too.. ''Concert in Denmark - Friday 5th September @ Cafe Blasen. 9pm start  **Cafe Blasen is located @ Nørregade 6 basement, 1165 Copenhagen C. ''

Picked lots and lots of berries in Ísafjörður..Six boxes full! -five of them with blueberries.. yum! and one jam has been made (although I must admit not by me..) But instead of using sugar (there is soooo much sugar in jam..) used boiled and mashed dates! and it tastes wonderful! Here's a short berry-video blog..


Only six more nights to sleep in Iceland.. I keep saying and it's so true, this time has just gone by so fast!