It's autumn. Leaves everywhere! I'm going to skip the coldest part of New Zealand winter and head to Iceland for a few weeks. Believe it or not winter sometimes feels colder here.. it's the damp in-your-bones kinda cold, not the smack-in-the-face Iceland cold.

I'd forgotten about this poem. My uncle reminded me and I found it again.. this was inspired by the snow which we don't see often enough on this side of the world. Written in New Zealand three years after we moved here. I was 14.

The snowflake children.   10/10/1997

A shimmering crystal falls from a cloud, starting her endless journey down. Thinking her thoughts to herself, yet aloud to the world in a song that will never drown.

Now it's her moment, her moment to shine and she'll dance with the wind along her way, then she'll crash to he ground, breaking her spine. Her life over now, she had her say.

A second snowflake falls from a cloud. Coming from heaven his life is a dream. He dances down, it's his time, he is proud, then gently touches the surface of the stream.

Perfection is ruined, in the stream he dies. He is washed away with the unlucky few, and on the ground his family cries at the loss of a snowflake whose life was so new.

A thousand lives fall from a cloud They dance to the bottom, each on their own, and they never pair off in their own little crowd, then some of them go to the edge so unknown.

These precious lives so fine, so pure, their souls are hidden their beauty unseen, their lives so harsh, what they have to endure. I show the truth, I´m the snowflake queen.

I'm told it looks like it's been snowing black in Reykjavík, the ash is everywhere.. Found these amazing photos taken at Seljavalla laug - an outdoor swimming pool covered in ash. Scroll down.. they're really quite awesome pictures.

On may 28th I'll be playing at Al's bar as part of New Zealand music month.. it's a bit different this time, the setlist will by request so if there's something you really want to hear you can request on the night, or here on twitter.. *you can also request covers, I can't promise to do them all but I'll definitely pick a couple to do..

Also - the presale tickets are on bandcamp! and come with a free song.. If you get the song here your ticket/s will be held on the door :)

Once again I feel like I'm flashing you.. so here's another poem. I remember writing this one. It was in Goose bay Kaikoura where I spent a lot of holidays when I was little in a house called Moana (Ocean)

Am I a witch?    16/12/1997 in Kaikoura

If I were to be tied upon a stake, all my belongings thrown into a ditch. People would come from all around the country. And I´d be burned as the rotten village witch.

When I burst into red flames upon that stake. I´ll cast an evil spell, upon your souls. And I´ll speak the words of terror from my little black book, Megið þið brenna milli stafs og stóls.

The flames from underneath will come and twist around your feet, and drag you down with flaming force, you´ll scream. And you´ll wish you hadn´t tied me to that rotten burning stake, and hope to awake, from just a bad dream.

I think you need to think, before you burn me. Is my little black book really a spell upon a spell, or is it just my thaughts, my words, my dreams, and what I do? or am I infact a wicked witch, from the boiling depths of hell?