Happy new year! I've been a bit absent from the blog for a while now.. Here's what has been going on.. In January I played two shows with Marty Casey, he came and did a tour of New Zealand to support CanTeen *a wonderful charity supporting young people living with cancer. We played in Christchurch at AL's bar, and in Dunedin at 10 bar.. We met the day before the first concert and then played two songs together both nights, lots of fun and will put up some pictures and video here soon..

I played in Hagley park for the Christchurch city council as part of the 'Lazy weekends' outdoor concert series, except the day that I played there was a thunderstorm.. As I got to the gardens, we could hear the thunder rumbling in the distance and it didn't look good for an outdoor concert.. But there were plenty of (brave) people, already set up with picnics and so I played.. it rained a bit during the first few songs, and I dried my guitar with a towel in between songs.. then it was lovely until the end. When everything was packed up, it was like an explosion went off.. thunder, lightning and black skies.. it rained like I've never experienced here..

I believe these are the most memorable concerts.. more so than just a lovely day outside ;)

It's the best time of year here in Christchurch now, with the summertimes festival, buskers and festival of flowers on.. Went to a brilliant show in the botanical gardens last week, it's on every night until the Feb 15th, ''The Complete history of cinema (abridged)'' Highly reccommend going (bring a picnic) to see it...

I've had several requests for T-shirts lately.. So we decided to set up an Etsy store.. *I love etsy.. it's a wonderful site for all things handmade.. And rather than mass-produced printed photo-style T's, we've decided to do hand-stencilled ones.. Something a bit more personal and different.. *so if there's something particular you'd like to see in the store.. now is the time to contact (use the contact button here on the site) :) Would love to hear your ideas.

I have a little time off at the moment, we're working on a new music video and I'm writing. There will be more info here soon about upcoming concerts, but I can tell you we're planning one for early april, and I'll be playing during Earth hour in march *more info soon..

I'm about to share something I never have before.. When I have a little time, I love designing and making jewelry.. Since we set up the etsy store, I decided to list some items.. they're one-off-handmade pieces using glass, crystals, lava and all sorts of bits and pieces.. Hope you like them.. Lots more coming soon.. and the T-shirts will be up in the next few weeks...