I'm at the airport in Paris killing time before I can check in to the flight to Iceland.. Flight from Christchurch to Singapore = 10.5 hours.. 6 hours between flights there (Love Changi airport.. even had time for a bubble bath!)  then Singapore to Paris = 13.5hours.. 7 hours in Paris at the airport.. then 3.5 hours to Reykjavik.. So it takes about two days to get to Iceland from New Zealand.. or 27.5 hours in the air Je suis fatigué..

And so here I am in Paris.. and I can't find enough excuses to speak the french I know.. I loved learning it at school and have been on my way here for so long.. Really enjoyed ordering coffee, red wine and pan au chocolat.. But I can't really walk up to someone here and just say 'I'm tired' or 'it's quite hot here' or 'I am really sorry' (or some of the other bits and pieces I know in french..)

Anyway.. I'll be back here just for a few short days in August and will do some walking about so I'm sure at least I'll get a chance to talk about the weather.

Iceland in a few hours.. it really is a bit weird. I can't believe it's been two years! but then again it never feels like any time at all once I'm there and I'm sure it will go by far too quickly. This time I'll be twittering along the way, and will do some more video blogging too..

I'll have a few days to rest (I'm lying.. it will be chaos from landing) but then the first concert will be next weekend.. 1st of July at 'Draugasetrið' which is an Icelandic ghost museum! yes.. GHOST museum! Will talk about it more in the next blog.. then on July 2nd at 'Oddakirkja' again *you can see the video from the last time I was there.. here


And then in Reykjavik at Café Rosenberg on Saturday the 3rd..

The 'Evening Inn' at Pomeroys was wonderful.. we had mulled wine and chocolate and much cosy-ness on a crazy stormy night.. I've been experimenting a bit more on the sewing machine and made my outfit ;) will post photos next time..

Ah summer here I come! xo