Winter is finally coming to an end. I must admit I'm not much of a winter person. I do get a lot of 'but you're from Iceland, you should be used to the cold..' but New Zealand winters are just so different. It's the in between that isn't right.. I looove winter when there is snow and proper dry cold, when you can come home to a warm house and keep winter outside.. but here it's also much colder indoors. What I do like about winter is snuggling up and staying warm, I have a big fluffy warm robe that's extremely popular with the animals, and as I write this, they are squashed up on either side of me, dreaming. I've been looking after Loki the dog for a while now but he's leaving very soon (and I will miss him) and I have my cat Brian /Brjánn.

Speaking of Brian, I must say he's entered into the 'New Zealand's next top cat model competition'. Someone sent me a link to that site and I kind of went 'mmph' until I saw it's a fundraiser for the SPCA and the lonely Miaow, which is a wonderful cause, so he's on the site :) you can see him here.

The Wellington concert was last weekend, and I had a wonderful time there, There was a story in the Capital times, and they put me on the cover poking my tongue out ;) *photo by Brian Harmon. I did the craft show there too, probably my last one, but it was lots of fun and filled with lovely people. They do Craft2.0 quite regularly in Wellington.

I've also taken part in quite a wonderful project as part of the Christchurch Arts Festival, which is on at the moment. It's called Slip. It's a collaborative knit and crochet project for the 'Winter garden' If you want to know more about it, have a look at the Slip blog, with lots of beautiful photos.. There are vines 'growing' around lamp posts in the square, and crocheted flowers 'blooming' on them.. you can even 'pick' a flower and take a little piece of the arts festival home with you.. It's such a lovely way to brighten up the winter :)

As you know, if you've been reading this blog, we've been working on two videos.. The Devil and me' video is officially finished! being graded at the moment and will be up online soon. But I'm in two minds about wether to wait a little. We have planned an intimate video release concert on Sunday the 16th of August (in just over two weeks) and I'll be playing some new material, and we will project the video onto the big screen. So if you're in Christchurch come along and celebrate with us :) it's been a magical process working with some very old friends. The video is directed by Andie Spargo (who has the coolest business card in the world and is brilliant.) and edited by the lovely Bronnie Howells  ...and the animations (don't want to say too much yet....) are done by Marc Fairbairn (who built this website and is awesome) And it's a bit evil or maybe more than a bit.. depends how you look at it ;)

Here's a photo taken at the Wellington concert, by Chris Marshall (thank you) - he is also a real mermaid which makes me endlessly jealous ;)

If you want to see more of my random pictures and updates, go to twitter or twitpic.. And here are some shots taken while filming 'The devil and me'

And finally, some photos of the slip project (you can view them larger on the slip blog)

The photo on the right is a before and after lunch shot, the flowers have been picked.. And a photo of what it says on the billboard in the square.. xox