I can't believe it's been two months since I last wrote anything here! It's been a very busy time, although every now and then I've been twittering.. just quick short updates there, and sometimes completely irrelevant as you can see ;) But often pics of what I've been up to too..

New Zealand Music Month just finished, that was May. I've been all over the place teaching for the NZ music commission. Went to Dunedin and Timaru, and am teaching in Akaroa at the moment. Here is an article from the Dunedin Schools Rock day..

We've also been working on two music videos, one for the Devil and me, which is a NZ on Air production, and one for 'Upside down' from the Live album, which we've been having lots of fun with.. They are both in post-production at the moment being edited etc..

Here are some photos from the filming:

I've also been working on something quite different, something I just accidentally fell into.. After I set up the site on Etsy, I met Lucy from Felt (a new zealand site for all things handmade) and registered there. And I somehow ended up a part of Craft 2.0 which will be on this weekend at the Our City O-Tautahi building. Saturday 6th June 11-3pm.  I was part of the Felt 'Sounds Crafty - NZ music month showcase' Click to read the interview..

So yes.. I will be at Craft 2.0 this saturday.. it's a free open event.. so come and see some wonderful things..!