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The Twinkie Experience



In November last year I was in New Orleans, and decided I’d really like to try a Twinkie. Thanks to movies like Die Hard and Zombieland I was curious about the iconic sponge cake. (no twinkies in Iceland or New Zealand, I heard they were awful but I really did want to try one) But I couldn’t find one anywhere! We went to lots of different places and in the end I gave up.

A couple of weeks ago, a box arrived in the mail.
A box with 10 twinkies!
I decided to share my first experience on twitter… and that’s where the #nztwinkieexperience started. One twinkie related experience a day until the box was finished…

Here is a list of what happened..
#1: first twinkie ever. Live-tweeted experience
#2: Shared one twinkie with an entire band ”Ed muzik and the Burning Sensations” and
tweeted their thoughts (this is where I heard about fluff, the marshmallow spread,
and am now endlessly curious… next time)
#3: Something went wrong and the twinkie was completely ”smushed” in my bag, so I
tried a smushed twinkie.
#4: This is where I felt I had tasted enough. The first twinkie execution! (see video below)

#5: discovered that the left-over twinkie was completely devoured by the birds.
(yes this one is the same twinkie as the execution, I gave one away)

#6: Another execution! with very special thanks to Jack Dagger (this one was dangerous!)

#7: Made a twinkie cocktail – the Twinkie-tini ;)
Blend 1/2 a twinkie with 2 shots of vodka.
Muddle the juice from 1 lime. Shake together with Ice and strain into a glass.
(garnish with lemon and a pretty umbrella!) Voila! (this actually didn’t taste bad..
but there was a bit of twinkie-sludge at the bottom of the glass..)
Thanks to Nicholas Hall for helping with this one 

Twinkie Cocktail

#8: I passed the experience onto a friend. To Toby at Tandem Studios, and he tweeted his experience.

#9: The very beautiful Magenta Diamond whipped a twinkie from my mouth! (scary) - another twinkie execution and me in danger..

#10: It was a cold and rainy day, so I walked into underground coffee and they made me
a Twoffee!

Twoffee by Underground cafe

A Twoffee!

Extra special thanks to Bill and Sharon Stiteler for sending me the twinkies (I’m not sure they approve of the executions.. or if they’ll forgive me…) and to Jack Dagger and Shelby, the Magenta Diamond, Nick the cocktail master, Ed Muzik, and Underground 

PS: if you’re not on twitter, you should be ;)