I got my suitcase back! It was lost for about 36 hours and was delivered late last night. Insurance had been pretty good and told me to go shopping for some emergency-warm-clothing while it was lost. (actually kind of awesome)

The suitcase had been opened and inspected by customs and it looked like they may have danced on top of it, because an incredibly-well-sealed-and-bubble-wrapped bottle of gin had broken and spilled all over everything... Thankfully the musical equipment is all OK, but all of my clothing was pretty smelly, had to wash everything twice.

We are here in some pretty awesome company.. this is Allan Amato (looking very Icelandic in this pic but don't be fooled...) Photo by the wonderful Olga Nunes! They are here with us, and on a pretty magical mission which we won't mention for now...

I'm in a little bit of sugar shock, have mostly gone without it for the past couple of months, but since arriving here I've been having candy for breakfast! a whole lot of it... (probably one of the edible things I miss most when I'm not here) check out nammi.is if you'd like to try some...

Jed has a few words to share too... here below xxHera

We've been in Iceland for 3 and a half days now, and I think I'm starting to settle in… It's been pretty crazy. I've experienced a lot of 'firsts' - lobster soup, Icelandic hotdogs and dried fish (which reminds me of the taste of cat biscuits, which I was very fond of as a child). I think we're saving the rotten shark and sheep heads for later. 

The sun stays out for a bit longer than the 4 hours I was expecting, but it never goes very high so it always feels like the end of the day. Everyone drives on the wrong side of the road here too, which is scary, but between my awesome navigation skills and Hera's calm driving. it's a pretty comfortable and relaxed experience… definitely. Getting to know the curbs a lot too, which is nice.

Yesterday we hit up the most deluxe local spa/sauna place called 'Laugar' before meeting a whole bunch of Hera's family for dinner, who were extremely welcoming and friendly - much like all the Icelandic people I have met so far. 

We're off to Airwaves tonight - there's a bit of a shindig for the artists I think, where I'll hopefully get my selfie with Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

Ciao! Jed