Hello! yikes it's been a long time all over again... I've just come back from an amazing, eye opening, inspiring and wonderful trip away.. It was organized quite last minute for such a massive journey. 11 of us (musicians, artists, film makers and photographers - as part of the Fledge collective) traveled to Manila to make music, art, a documentary, and to play some very special shows...

We stayed and worked with mr Tony/Ynot Piggott - a NZ born, Manila based artist, He is a man who makes things happen and consistently surprises in wonderful ways.. *check out his art here* He connected us all and is the reason for the destination...

I think if I start listing all the amazing people we met, I will get lost in a web of wonderful and undoubtedly will forget to list everything/everyone, but we were all just so blown away... the people were so warm, loving, smiley, talented, creative and awesome, the food was ridiculously yummy, the weather was.. well it was hoootttt, and wet, so so humid - I loved it. The places we visited were something else... truly a trip none of us will ever forget.

Here I am, rambling on about how amazing it is: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TImYFS_hcI[/youtube]

We also released a bunch of documentary-style snippets on the fledgefilms site.. this is part 2 - features an unreleased song called ''come say hello'' [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGbjE5mVPMg[/youtube] check out part1 - and part3 (more to come)

Here are some pictures... This was at Earthdance Manila Festival - playing with mr Jed 

Playing with House Of Mountain - photo by Alan Bacchelli I absolutely love pizza.. but I could have slept on this one! 

A group photo by Alan Bacchelli - check out more pics here One more from Manila (for now) I just love the madness and happiness in this picture (+the best accessories ever) It was taken outside Kazbah - an awesome restaurant where we played and had amazing food. This is David - he joined the crew, literally last minute thanks to a wonderful stroke of serendipity... See the poster above... no, really have a look at it - this is 8 days away and will be amazing. It's a free event in the centre of Christchurch, part of the festival of transitional architecture (FESTA) - read more about the event here -

I'm in Taupo now, just played a show for a whole bunch of Icelanders who are working here, operating Týr - the geothermal drill.. Writing this at Taupo airport. I can see my guitar being loaded onto the plane now and I'm about to board..