Happy easter everyone. It's been a lovely few days involving lots of dark chocolate. I met with Rae and Halee and they are putting the pattern on the back of the coat (that is the coat they made for the music video) Will post photos here when it's done..

I will be playing this friday (March 28th) in front of the cathedral in the city centre. Part of the CHCH City council friday lunchtime concert series and is from 12.15-1.15 This concert was originally scheduled for the 15th of Feb, but that day was rained away.. Toby and The Voice Booth have made a video for the Press 'Earth Hour' competition and it features a snippet of me playing guitar (this is from the last demo recording session over there, the song is called impossibly and is unrecorded.. no vocals in the video though) The Voice booth is a recording studio here in Christchurch where I go every now and then to record 10-20 new song demos.. I've also done a few podcasts with them there-here is a link to those ;) 

Something special goes up here on the blog on April Fools day.. come have a look ;) can anyone tell me how they have been fooled on this day? ;)

May events are being scheduled.. lots going on this New Zealand music month.. I will be playing at Al's bar on May 16th with some very special guests (will keep them secret for now but it will be different ;) more info soon)

xox Hera