Hello! I thought it was time to share a new song.. I recorded this last weekend in sunny Akaroa while at a wedding (snuck into the bushes) I'm not sure the name fits but its working title is Maybe logical..


The buskers festival was just magical! filled with the best kind of madness and lots of fun! Met some wonderful people and played music outside in the sunshine... Just over a week ago I played in Hagley park as part of 'Lazy sundays' summertimes concert series. It was about 28 degrees (celsius) and a beautiful day! so nice to see so many people out and picnicing!

This weekend I'm off to Golden Bay! playing at the Mussel inn on Saturday the 6th.. and The week after I'm going on tour with Amanda Palmer of the Dresden dolls! Here's the poster:

Also working on something I'm very excited about but can't tell yet ;) keep coming back or come to twitter! I can tell you it's a thing, not a song, and I'm collaborating with a very talented friend ;) this thing will around and about during the tour :)

Also.. come say hi on facebook!  will write more soon xoxHera