It's been an interesting week,  Chartfest was lastnight and was wonderful.. very well organised and nice to see so many people out and celebrating New Zealand Music Month! I've had the flu - or a bad cold.. for a few days now so my voice is sounding different.. it's kind of a novelty, a bit deeper and husky-er ;)  I've had it coming for a while now though.. I don't think I've been sick since just before SXSW last year..

Am very happy with the new live CD, it was recorded at AL's just over a week ago, we've been mixing it this week, and this morning the master, artwork and proofs were sent away.. The finished CD will arrive here in three weeks.. and I leave a week after that..

This is a picture of the cover.. (photo by Richard Loader taken on the night) and you can even see the extra microphones on the guitar that were set up for the recording.. It's a very personal album.. James and Michael play beautifully :) and it's almost all new songs.. 11 out of 14 have not been released before.. and there are no covers.

1 soundcheck song * 2 believe me 3 upside down 4 sorry 5 the day before 6 cause of my pain 7 angel by her side 8 nothing new 9  ofie.. 10 hafid thennan dag 11 raking leaves 12 sleepyhead 13 itchy palms 14 feels so good **

I'm sending signed copies of this album as soon as it arrives to anyone who pre-orders before june 8th.. (it will arrive just a few days before I leave) But if you want to pre-order just send an email here through the site (contact button) and put pre-order in the message subject box..  It will be available online eventually, this is just an opportunity to get it first :) and signed how you like.

I want to tell you about Voeveo.. they've set up a site for me here.. and they have a promotion at the moment, they're giving away a free prepay credit if you sign up :) it's like the CD baby of mobile phones.. very friendly site :) you can get wallpapers, ringtones and screensavers etc... (not just stuff from me :) but there is some there..) so go and get some free stuff! :)  xox