Happy New Zealand Music Month everyone! A lot ot things going on here in Christchurch.. I will be playing at Chartfest at the town Hall on the 23rd, and ELEMENTAL at the Christchurch art Gallery on the 15th.. and AL's Bar (Friday 16th) will be the oficial 'going away' concert.. For those of you who don't know we will be recording a new live album on the night and getting some video footage as well.. so come and be part of it ;) recommending getting tickets in advance..

Then I'm off to the UK and Iceland, will be playing at the Glastonbury festival and touring in Iceland.. Dates here as  they are confirmed ..

'CHART - The Christchurch Music Industry Trust is music industry representative body for contemporary popular music in Christchurch. With a dedicated manager and a Board made up of passionate local music advocates with extensive industry experience, CHART acts as a support and advice network for the Christchurch music industry. CHART hosts regular professional development events, live music showcases, seminars and workshops and manages www.christchurchmusic.org.nz - a web portal promoting the Christchurch music industry and showcasing the city’s vibrant music scene.''