Just got to Egilstaðir and am staying at the hotel where the concert will be this evening. Everyone has been very helpful and lovely and I'm looking forward to playing tonight.. I have two new songs but not sure if they're ready to come out quite yet.. I'm holding back so I don't get ahead of myself, as almost all the songs I'm playing here (from the Live at Al's album) are new here.. Drove for about seven hours today through the beautiful landscape but am quite happy to be done with driving for the day.. Did a little video at Jökulsárlón, which is an amazing looking glacier filled lake where quite a few movies have been filmed including Batman Begins and James Bond.


Last weekend there was some serious Icelandic camping - which was just brilliant (and slightly painful when the crew decided to form a 4 storey human pyramid at about 2 in the morning) All the things I had missed so much! when Icelanders camp, they do it properly.. a giant bonfire and all the people at the campsite gathered and all ended up singing some of the well known camping and party songs extremely loudly..

Tomorrow I'm at one of my favourite places.. Djúpivogur.. a small village in East Iceland where I'm playing in a beautiful wooden building Hótel Framtíð. Will also get to see Gústa, a wonderful designer who made my guitar strap (it's made from fish leather -catfish) Check out www.gustadesign.is

And here are some new photos, these are by Valdis Thor ( valdisthor@gmail.com) The collar I'm wearing is knitted, using Lopi. inspired by the Icelandic Lopapeysa