I've spent the last four days out in the country with no internet ;) it's been wonderful and sunny! (I'd forgotten you can get sunburned here too) I wrote two songs, and played two concerts - the tour has started! The first was on thursday night in 'Oddakirkja' - about a 10 minute drive from Hella, and it is the smallest and I think most beauiful church I've ever see.. It's tucked away in the middle of nowhere (sort-of) and it just has a wonderful vibe! the crowd were so lovely and the whole thing just amazing ... Have a look at the video below.. (I had a backstage area in the 'Skrúðherbergi' ) We had a full house and it was just the perfect place to start the tour... some photos here below as well :)


This was the view from the stage:

and this is the church from two sides:

and an amazing sculpture inside:

and one from the concert.. taken from just inside the door:

This evening I played at 800 bar at Selfoss, which was wonderful too :) gorgeous lighting and at the end of the concert, the sun passed by the front door, (which was glass) and lit up the whole room beautifully :) Then drove home around 12am in the sunset... Off for some weekend camping tomorrow xox