I'm off to the country now.. Will be staying at a summer house for the rest of the week, and heading to the concerts from there.. A nice chance to relax (it's where the first two video-blogs were recorded..) But sadly.. probably no internet.. So more stuff will be up early next week..

I did an interview with Ívar Guðmundsson at Bylgjan yesterday morning, and you can listen to it online in two parts.. I played a request for him, a song by Bubbi Morthens.. Click here for all the info *** Here for the first part and first song *** and here for the second part and Ívar's request ;) There are photos up on Bylgjan.is too, here's one:

Also.. The concert this thursday in Oddakirkja is not in Þykkvabær like we thought, but in Rangárvellir.. They have concerts there regularly.. I'm very excited to see the building. And one more thing.. **Click here to read the interview in Morgunbladid 15/07/08*** (small version here below) xox