Hello everyone :) We are almost at the end of the year now and I just wanted to say hope you all have a wonderful holiday/christmas/hanukkah/celebration/relaxing time/end of year thing wherever you are! Over here in New Zealand, it's hot and summery! A very different story in Iceland at this time.. and although I miss the snow and the twinkling lights, I'm really looking forward to some family time, enjoying a nice white wine in the sun ;) and celebrating/relaxing at home...

As you probably know we have revamped the mailing list - you can sign up to the new one over here for news, upcoming tours/concerts and blogs etc..

Thank you all so much for your support with the Not your type release (you can read more about it here below on the blog - you can still be a part of the next album!) :)

I'm attaching a couple of super christmasy photos from yeeeears ago here below :) and Tim Minchin's live version of White wine in the sun, hope you enjoy and wishing you wonderful times ahead xox Hera