It's been a wonderful couple of days ! (there I go again on the 'wonderful' but truly it has..) I'm currently in Ísafjörður, the concert this evening is a 40 minute drive away so I now have just a little time to relax and write this.. I visited the museum of Icelandic sorcery and witchcraft, in Hólmavík yesterday and took some pictures..

To scare your enemy: carve this symbol into a piece of oak, and throw it at his/her feet..

To win over a woman/girl: put this symbol on a piece of pigs gut using blood from your left nipple, and make her sleep on it for one night. You won't need to ask her after that..

Uppvakningur (the Icelandic version of a zombie..)

the beautiful Icelandic Raven..

The keeper of the Museum..

This verse was on the wall, it's the Executioner's verse.. and here below is the translation (warning.. this is nasty..)

from the 17th century:

Beat and castrate, bite and skin, blind and scratch and flog them. Burn alive and exile men, dismember and hang them.

I higly recommend you visit this place if you're travelling in Iceland. There is also an exhibition on called theSorcerer's cottage.. I took a little video there that you can see here below..


Stayed at a wonderful old farm last night, built around 1920, and only a 20 minute drive from where the concert was.. and every inch of earth here is covered in berries! blueberries and crow-berries (krækiber) and I was given some homemade blueberry jam after the concert! and then some crowberry juice from the farm :) I'm going to pick some berries on the way home on sunday (that is, of course, after watching the game.. Iceland is in the 2008 olympic finals in handball.. playing france for the gold..)