One of my favorite tongue twisters.. and it's so true over here! Daylight 24 hours and summer..

The tour started last week and there are only two shows to go now.. I started at the Ghost museum in Stokkseyri - an awesome venue! there's a lovely article about ithere by Reykjavik Grapevine.. their official website is here.

I spent time between concerts at Hella with family, about an hours drive from Reykjavik and just so peaceful.. this is where I did the forest-jumping ;) Everything is so green here at the moment, and I'm loving all the summer wildflowers as I mentioned in the last blog..

Then Oddakirkja was the next concert.. here's a short video I posted on twitter last week.. it's the bell-tower and the view out the window. (very happy cat on the pavement outside)



And we bumped into some beautiful Icelandic horses near the volcano.. got out of the car and they came right away to say hello.. got this beautiful but slightly sad picture of them and the ashy sky..

And then there was Reykjavik.. which just rocked. Love the venue (Rosenberg) and had a great night.. then had a bit of a night on the town ;) *I really am still finding the daylight a bit odd..

One more month here and then back to NZ.. via paris! xo