I went to Taupo last week to do another workshop for the NZ music commission and ended up learning lots myself.. I played ukulele for the first time and loved it! I had 23 students in the workshop, and then played for the whole school outside after their lunch break.. They were so lovely! and it was a beautiful sunny day!

Only 9 days till christmas now, and it's finally summer! My vegetable garden is looking great and will have new potatoes very soon..

I mentioned on the mailing list that my favourite chocolate is now available here in Christchurch, and got some great replies.. I have no idea what this is but really curious to try it..

Here are some photos from the mentoring program:

The boys, and the Pink ukulele..

And these photos below were taken at the Nut Point Gallery concert last month. They now have a site up with videos from the concert here. Scroll down to see the videos.

Photos by Matt Stead.