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On tour with Amanda Fucking Palmer

Hello! It's been a crazy few weeks! *I want to start by telling you the Brooches and Necklaces are now available to buy online! here at the herasings felt website! -we've had requests for earrings too... so they are coming soon :) It's so wonderful to have these ready and out there now.. And extra special thanks to Mel at Blackswan designs my Collaborator ;)

I've been touring this last week with Amanda Palmer, playing in Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland.. The photos here below are in no particular order:

Backstage in Christchurch at AL's bar - where Amanda had her first peanut slab!

Backstage after the first concert in Wellington with Neil and Amanda..

During the final show in Auckland at the Kings arms, where we did an onstage exorcism using an old Icelandic spell.. *yes, she is holding the first twilight novel (which we are both guilty of having read) it was passed out into the crowd and we both signed it after the show.. *photo by Andrew Ashley

Amanda in Wellington - photo by Brendon

and me in wellington - photo also by Brendon 

Tomorrow night I'm singing one song with ED Muzik and the burning sensations at AL's bar where they are supporting Minuit.. Looking forward to it :) *you can hear the song here 

Then I'm heading to Greymouth and back on Sunday for a concert..

Also coming up is a show upstairs at the 'Dux De Lux lounge' in christchurch at the chch Folk club on April 11th.. and then there's New Zealand Music Month in May!

You may have seen on the Facebook site that I'm heading to Iceland this summer June/july and will be playing around the country although this time it will be a short stop.. * sign the mailing list here on the left if you want to know more about the Iceland tour etc..

Life is Fucking Awesome and I love being in it! xoxox Hera



Collaboration Creations..

The 'secret project' is Secret no more.. I have been working on this with the very talented Mel from Blackswan designs.. We have a couple of Collaboration Creations that will be available on the Amanda Palmer tour which starts this Friday in Wellington! The Brooches are laser cut from acrylic and recycled rimu, the necklaces are on a black ball chain which can easily be cut to suit. They will be available on Felt in a few days - here *you can also contact through the felt site to pre-order..

Here are the dates one more time: Amanda Palmer - NZ tour support. Friday 12th March at Bodega, Wellington Tuesday 16th March at Al’s Bar, Christchurch Weds 17th March at The Kings Arms, Auckland

xoxox and see pictures below ;) Hera



Maybe logical?

Hello! I thought it was time to share a new song.. I recorded this last weekend in sunny Akaroa while at a wedding (snuck into the bushes) I'm not sure the name fits but its working title is Maybe logical..


The buskers festival was just magical! filled with the best kind of madness and lots of fun! Met some wonderful people and played music outside in the sunshine... Just over a week ago I played in Hagley park as part of 'Lazy sundays' summertimes concert series. It was about 28 degrees (celsius) and a beautiful day! so nice to see so many people out and picnicing!

This weekend I'm off to Golden Bay! playing at the Mussel inn on Saturday the 6th.. and The week after I'm going on tour with Amanda Palmer of the Dresden dolls! Here's the poster:

Also working on something I'm very excited about but can't tell yet ;) keep coming back or come to twitter! I can tell you it's a thing, not a song, and I'm collaborating with a very talented friend ;) this thing will around and about during the tour :)

Also.. come say hi on facebook!  will write more soon xoxHera



Happy 2010!

What a wonderful summer it's been here so far! I've taken some time off and been camping, diving/snorkelling and relaxing over the holidays, but full swing is about to start again :) - snorkelling.. what a great word! Over the last couple of months I've been doing a lot of teaching, in Greymouth, Oamaru,Timaru and Nelson, and got to work with some wonderfully talented kids! Here are a couple of articles from my visit to Oamaru..

and a photo taken by the sea in Oamaru, by the lovely Donna Demente of the Grainstore gallery where I played - it's the most magical venue!

Coming up in One week! is the world buskers festival! and I'm taking part this year for the very first time.. it's also the first time there is music as part of the event so it will be interesting to see how that all clicks together. I have to admit I'm a little bit nearvous about this too because I've never busked really.. *except the very first time I went to the arts centre with my guitar at 14 years old, and Brian who was organizing concerts there, let me set up and play for 15 minutes busking-style to prove myself :) it was pretty wonderful and I've been playing there every now and then ever since as part of the arts centre.

For as long as I've been in New Zealand, I've been going to the buskers festival, there are always amazing acts from all over the world doing amazing and sometimes dangerous things.. I have so many memories from my childhood seeing performers juggle fire and pots, pans, eggs, swallowing swords, balloons, bending their bodies in mind boggling ways, and at the late night performances -all the jokes I wasn't supposed to get..

So I am very honored and proud to be taking part :) and if you happen to be in Christchurch (or for that matter if you're in the country - it's very worth seeing..) Come and help me prove myself again ;)

This photo from my childhood was photoshopped by HellZiggy on twitter :)

If you're not on twitter, come visit :) it's a lovely place and I post a lot more over there, mind you some unrelated things too.. like this picture of my wee kitten Freyja, she moved in a a couple of months ago and is adorable, her and Brian (my other Sphynx cat - he's in the Feels so good music video) are inseparable now, wonderful for him to have some company too..

her nails are not pink naturally, these are called softpaws and are little claw covers, especially good for Sphynx hairless cats so they don't scratch themselves. (they come off)

Also coming up at the end of February, I will be doing a show in the botanical gardens as part of 'Lazy sundays' summertimes concert series.. This one will be super special as I'm doing half the set with my brilliant guitar teacher and friend Keith Petch. We will be doing a 40 minute jazz set together. Fingers crossed for good weather (*my last summertimes concert was during a thunderstorm...) it's the perfect set-up to bring a picnic to and sit in the sunshine..

Anyway, am now off to rummage through some drawers and dig up some of my forgotten songs for the buskers festival (you can send me requests through twitter if you want to hear a particular song) I'll be doing an hour a day for 10 days, during week days very close to cathedral square by the wheat sculpture, and on weekends I'll be outside the art gallery. the schedule is in the live section here on the website, and also on the Buskers festival website here *click here to see what else is going on during the festival.

One more thing: here is a raw live version of a song I posted on youtube a few months ago and forgot to post here.. I think it's called 'Nothing but time' at the time it was untitled..


Bye for now... a late new years resolution: more frequent blogging.. promise ;)

Love xo



A little more about the video

Hello everyone, the video is finally ready and released..I wanted to say a little bit more here, it's been a long time coming, and we had so much fun making it.. I want to send special thanks to Marc who made all the pictures move, he also built this website and is based accross the sea in Australia.. (warmer weather.. hrmph..) and Andie & Bronnie for all the hours and hours :) Here it is..


Directed by Andie Spargo, Animations by Marc Fairbairn. Editing: Bronnie Howells, Filming: Sabin Holloway, Grading: Natalie Glubb, Book made by Cover to Cover, coat by Juniform. Many thanks to NZ on Air. *All the photos used are actual photos from my childhood... xoxHera

*in case you aren't reading this from the website, here's the youtube link:



Wellington and the end of Winter

Winter is finally coming to an end. I must admit I'm not much of a winter person. I do get a lot of 'but you're from Iceland, you should be used to the cold..' but New Zealand winters are just so different. It's the in between that isn't right.. I looove winter when there is snow and proper dry cold, when you can come home to a warm house and keep winter outside.. but here it's also much colder indoors. What I do like about winter is snuggling up and staying warm, I have a big fluffy warm robe that's extremely popular with the animals, and as I write this, they are squashed up on either side of me, dreaming. I've been looking after Loki the dog for a while now but he's leaving very soon (and I will miss him) and I have my cat Brian /Brjánn.

Speaking of Brian, I must say he's entered into the 'New Zealand's next top cat model competition'. Someone sent me a link to that site and I kind of went 'mmph' until I saw it's a fundraiser for the SPCA and the lonely Miaow, which is a wonderful cause, so he's on the site :) you can see him here.

The Wellington concert was last weekend, and I had a wonderful time there, There was a story in the Capital times, and they put me on the cover poking my tongue out ;) *photo by Brian Harmon. I did the craft show there too, probably my last one, but it was lots of fun and filled with lovely people. They do Craft2.0 quite regularly in Wellington.

I've also taken part in quite a wonderful project as part of the Christchurch Arts Festival, which is on at the moment. It's called Slip. It's a collaborative knit and crochet project for the 'Winter garden' If you want to know more about it, have a look at the Slip blog, with lots of beautiful photos.. There are vines 'growing' around lamp posts in the square, and crocheted flowers 'blooming' on them.. you can even 'pick' a flower and take a little piece of the arts festival home with you.. It's such a lovely way to brighten up the winter :)

As you know, if you've been reading this blog, we've been working on two videos.. The Devil and me' video is officially finished! being graded at the moment and will be up online soon. But I'm in two minds about wether to wait a little. We have planned an intimate video release concert on Sunday the 16th of August (in just over two weeks) and I'll be playing some new material, and we will project the video onto the big screen. So if you're in Christchurch come along and celebrate with us :) it's been a magical process working with some very old friends. The video is directed by Andie Spargo (who has the coolest business card in the world and is brilliant.) and edited by the lovely Bronnie Howells  ...and the animations (don't want to say too much yet....) are done by Marc Fairbairn (who built this website and is awesome) And it's a bit evil or maybe more than a bit.. depends how you look at it ;)

Here's a photo taken at the Wellington concert, by Chris Marshall (thank you) - he is also a real mermaid which makes me endlessly jealous ;)

If you want to see more of my random pictures and updates, go to twitter or twitpic.. And here are some shots taken while filming 'The devil and me'

And finally, some photos of the slip project (you can view them larger on the slip blog)

The photo on the right is a before and after lunch shot, the flowers have been picked.. And a photo of what it says on the billboard in the square.. xox



Winter in Christchurch

I can't believe it's been two months since I last wrote anything here! It's been a very busy time, although every now and then I've been twittering.. just quick short updates there, and sometimes completely irrelevant as you can see ;) But often pics of what I've been up to too..

New Zealand Music Month just finished, that was May. I've been all over the place teaching for the NZ music commission. Went to Dunedin and Timaru, and am teaching in Akaroa at the moment. Here is an article from the Dunedin Schools Rock day..

We've also been working on two music videos, one for the Devil and me, which is a NZ on Air production, and one for 'Upside down' from the Live album, which we've been having lots of fun with.. They are both in post-production at the moment being edited etc..

Here are some photos from the filming:

I've also been working on something quite different, something I just accidentally fell into.. After I set up the site on Etsy, I met Lucy from Felt (a new zealand site for all things handmade) and registered there. And I somehow ended up a part of Craft 2.0 which will be on this weekend at the Our City O-Tautahi building. Saturday 6th June 11-3pm.  I was part of the Felt 'Sounds Crafty - NZ music month showcase' Click to read the interview..

So yes.. I will be at Craft 2.0 this saturday.. it's a free open event.. so come and see some wonderful things..!




April Fool

Good morning everyone and thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes :) I had a wonderful day which started off with a drastic change.

This pic went up on twitter early in the day..

It was great to shock/surprise friends and family, and was time for a change I think :-)

It's been a lovely march and now it feels like winter is here.. I went to Auckland and ended up playing a show last minute, opening for Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls at the Studio.. This happened through Neil who is wonderful :-) Here's a pic:

I've been getting more and more lost on Twitter, so if you think I'm not writing enough here, come see me there, it's a very different blog/thing..

The next concert coming up will be at the Loons in Lyttelton -christchurch, on the 24th of April.. See the poster here on the site or go to the Facebook event page.. The Loons is a brilliant venue, this will be my first time playing there and we're planning on previewing something special on the night so come and be a part of it..Call the Loons Or Click here for booking online It's been a crazy few weeks so there are no Tshirts up on the Etsy site yet, but this week will be listing some new stuff and the Tshirts are coming.. promise :)

Hope you all had a wonderful April Fool's day! send me your pranks ;-) xox!



Twittering.. and Etsy

This is just a quick post to let you know I've recently gotten a little bit lost on Twitter.. If you want more short updates go to this site and click follow ;) Also, we are working on items for the Etsy site, first two stencils are done for the Tshirts and they'll be up soon I promise.. Have designed a few steam-punk things too and as you'll see on the Twitter site I've been making hats...

I'll be in Auckland next week, and then playing at the Ellerslie flower show in Christchurch on March 14th, I'm on between 3.3ö and 4.30 on the main stage.  xox



Something old.. Something new..

Happy new year! I've been a bit absent from the blog for a while now.. Here's what has been going on.. In January I played two shows with Marty Casey, he came and did a tour of New Zealand to support CanTeen *a wonderful charity supporting young people living with cancer. We played in Christchurch at AL's bar, and in Dunedin at 10 bar.. We met the day before the first concert and then played two songs together both nights, lots of fun and will put up some pictures and video here soon..

I played in Hagley park for the Christchurch city council as part of the 'Lazy weekends' outdoor concert series, except the day that I played there was a thunderstorm.. As I got to the gardens, we could hear the thunder rumbling in the distance and it didn't look good for an outdoor concert.. But there were plenty of (brave) people, already set up with picnics and so I played.. it rained a bit during the first few songs, and I dried my guitar with a towel in between songs.. then it was lovely until the end. When everything was packed up, it was like an explosion went off.. thunder, lightning and black skies.. it rained like I've never experienced here..

I believe these are the most memorable concerts.. more so than just a lovely day outside ;)

It's the best time of year here in Christchurch now, with the summertimes festival, buskers and festival of flowers on.. Went to a brilliant show in the botanical gardens last week, it's on every night until the Feb 15th, ''The Complete history of cinema (abridged)'' Highly reccommend going (bring a picnic) to see it...

I've had several requests for T-shirts lately.. So we decided to set up an Etsy store.. *I love etsy.. it's a wonderful site for all things handmade.. And rather than mass-produced printed photo-style T's, we've decided to do hand-stencilled ones.. Something a bit more personal and different.. *so if there's something particular you'd like to see in the store.. now is the time to contact (use the contact button here on the site) :) Would love to hear your ideas.

I have a little time off at the moment, we're working on a new music video and I'm writing. There will be more info here soon about upcoming concerts, but I can tell you we're planning one for early april, and I'll be playing during Earth hour in march *more info soon..

I'm about to share something I never have before.. When I have a little time, I love designing and making jewelry.. Since we set up the etsy store, I decided to list some items.. they're one-off-handmade pieces using glass, crystals, lava and all sorts of bits and pieces.. Hope you like them.. Lots more coming soon.. and the T-shirts will be up in the next few weeks...




Live videos and more teaching

I went to Taupo last week to do another workshop for the NZ music commission and ended up learning lots myself.. I played ukulele for the first time and loved it! I had 23 students in the workshop, and then played for the whole school outside after their lunch break.. They were so lovely! and it was a beautiful sunny day!

Only 9 days till christmas now, and it's finally summer! My vegetable garden is looking great and will have new potatoes very soon..

I mentioned on the mailing list that my favourite chocolate is now available here in Christchurch, and got some great replies.. I have no idea what this is but really curious to try it..

Here are some photos from the mentoring program:

The boys, and the Pink ukulele..

And these photos below were taken at the Nut Point Gallery concert last month. They now have a site up with videos from the concert here. Scroll down to see the videos.

Photos by Matt Stead.






Mentoring Program and Southern Amp..

It's been quite a while since I last wrote here, Lots of things going on and it's looking like it's going to be an interesting summer! (we had frost, snow and hail only a few days ago, and yesterday was 31 degrees..) Last weekend was Southern Amp, which was wonderful! And I've attached some photos from there, here below.    *Photos by Matt Stead.

I've just finished a course of teaching here in Christchurch for the New Zealand Music Commission. It's called the mentoring program, where musicians go to schools, and teach music in a different way... (which I think is brilliant, because I didn't really enjoy the way they tought when I was at school..) This is more like a songwriting workshop, and it's just such a great thing to take part in. My last class was five very talented boys, and I can actually show you something wonderful ;) one of my students was already writing music before the workshop, and is going to go very far I believe.. this is his performance on What Now after he won a songwriting competition there recently, his name is Rahul and he's 12 years old..


If you're watching this on the facebook site and can't see the video **here is the link**

I'll be doing some more teaching near Taupo next month, which is where my cat came from.. (I've been away from home for a few days and he just cannot get enough smooches right now.. they say dogs don't have too much of a sense of time as in how long you've been away for, wether it's an hour or three days.. but I really think my cat knows..)

I've moved house since I last wrote here, and have been writing lots of new songs.. Will be making another music video very soon with the same crew as worked on 'Feels so good' This time for 'The devil and me' and looking forward to it..

Next concert coming up is at the Nut Point Gallery on the 29th this month. I haven't played there before but I think it will be lovely. It's about 22km from the city center, and is part of their songwriters series.. xox for now



Sunshine and spring

It's lovely to be home. For the first few days it was a bit cold and grey but it seems spring has finally kicked in. Everything is blossoming and beautiful.. I went to one of my favourite places here on Sunday..Pegasus Bay.. and did a short video there. Initially the video blogging was just meant to be while on tour in Iceland, but I've decided to keep going for a little while and share some of New Zealand too ;)


Coming up is the Alexandra Blossom Festival, and Southern Amp.. more info here in the Live section. And I'll be playing in Cathedral Square on October 5th for the World Harmony Run after the concert at the Arts Centre. xox



Home, and Copenhagen

I'm home now. Copenhagen was wonderful! it didn't rain while I was there, which was really nice. I got very sick on the day I left Iceland, and completely lost my voice. Nothing would come out louder than a whisper - I literally couldn't even fake talking.. But I'm very stubborn and refused to call the two venues and cancel the concerts. But went instead to see an ear nose and throat specialist and find out what it was or if anything was damaged, and was told I've over-strained my vocal chords (from doing many concerts in a row, and singing/writing in between..) a bit like a sprained muscle.. But he prescribed an inhaler (which I used only on the day of the concerts) and some kamillete herbal tea. (I think it's eccinacea?) and I got through without having to cancel :)

The first concert was at an art opening at Nordatlantensbrygge. The artist wasHelgi Thorgils Friidjonsson, who is Icelandic, so there were a lot of Icelandic people there although all the speeches were in danish.

The picture here was also taken at Nordatlantensbrygge upstairs, there was an exhibition on Greenland 1906-1908 a lot of beautiful sketches and old diaries.. The picture is with a stuffed polar bear..

Then in the evening I played at Cafe Blasen, which I think is the smallest venue I've ever played in (even smaller than the church in oddi, Oddakirkja) and it was amazing! there was hardly room to breathe in there, absolutely packed with people and it had such a wonderful vibe! very very  cosy!

And I visited Tivoli! on the first day in Copenhagen, completely voice-less and went on the demon rollercoaster without being able to scream... very strange experience.. I felt somehow pollite, just sitting there and smiling...  Here´s a short video from the second day, taken in between concerts..


Now I'm home and voiceless again.. settling into the time zone and geeking out on the new iphone (I'm a bit of a gadget nerd) Just over two weeks until the next concert so I can rest a little..

Here are my friends babies Pinto and Pottle, I've been knitting in Iceland while touring, and made these two little Lopapeysa's for them.. (traditional Icelandic woolen sweaters) *they do have a purpose, little ones get very cold here in the New Zealand winter..

And here is mine, this is Brjánn / Brian, I posted a picture of him here a long time ago but there's a more recent picture now on the right :) He's a hairless sphynx cat..



Last post from Iceland

Today is my last day here in Iceland. There are so many things I'm going to miss all over again, and so many things I meant to do but there just wasn't time for... It's a beautiful sunny day today, and this summer has just been incredible! I went for one last trip out of town on sunday.. to where the Icelandic forest videos were taken, and got to relax a little :) Now I'm getting everything sort of into one place so I don't leave anything behind, and getting ready for the concert in Denmark.

Very happy with the tour and the final concert, here are some photos from the night.. Taken by Sigurdur (thank you)

The dress was made for me by STARKILLER - an awesome Icelandic label..

Not sure if I've mentioned this before, but since you can see it so well in the pics; My guitar strap is made from catfish.. by Gustadesign

and there is a review of the final concert here..

Bye for now :) next post will either be from Denmark, Singapore or New Zealand.. xox



Picking Berries in Iceland.. And not really naked

The tour is now officially over.. although the last concert is tomorrow night in the capital - Reykjavik..  I have to share with you a couple of photos (thank you to Guðmundur Heiðar Gunnarsson, who took them, in Ísafjörður) This one here below made me think of a certain scene in Forest Gump.. because it looks like I'm playing naked.. (I'm not really.. you can see in the second picture)

I've been writing a lot on this tour, and have started and finished a few songs while backstage before a concert.. there's a mention of the concert in Hólmavík here... I wrote a song upstairs(backstage), finished it five minutes before the concert, then came downstairs and played it for the first time live.. :)

Today I played at Poppland on Iceland radio Rás 2.. you can read about it here.. and should be able to listen to it in a few hours online.. it's Poppland at 15.00pm.

Tickets for the final concert are available online here at It will be at Domo - Þingholtsstræti 5, 101 Rvk and starts 9pm

And on friday I'll be playing in Denmark! WIll be my first visit there too.. ''Concert in Denmark - Friday 5th September @ Cafe Blasen. 9pm start  **Cafe Blasen is located @ Nørregade 6 basement, 1165 Copenhagen C. ''

Picked lots and lots of berries in Ísafjörður..Six boxes full! -five of them with blueberries.. yum! and one jam has been made (although I must admit not by me..) But instead of using sugar (there is soooo much sugar in jam..) used boiled and mashed dates! and it tastes wonderful! Here's a short berry-video blog..


Only six more nights to sleep in Iceland.. I keep saying and it's so true, this time has just gone by so fast!



The West Fjords

It's been a wonderful couple of days ! (there I go again on the 'wonderful' but truly it has..) I'm currently in Ísafjörður, the concert this evening is a 40 minute drive away so I now have just a little time to relax and write this.. I visited the museum of Icelandic sorcery and witchcraft, in Hólmavík yesterday and took some pictures..

To scare your enemy: carve this symbol into a piece of oak, and throw it at his/her feet..

To win over a woman/girl: put this symbol on a piece of pigs gut using blood from your left nipple, and make her sleep on it for one night. You won't need to ask her after that..

Uppvakningur (the Icelandic version of a zombie..)

the beautiful Icelandic Raven..

The keeper of the Museum..

This verse was on the wall, it's the Executioner's verse.. and here below is the translation (warning.. this is nasty..)

from the 17th century:

Beat and castrate, bite and skin, blind and scratch and flog them. Burn alive and exile men, dismember and hang them.

I higly recommend you visit this place if you're travelling in Iceland. There is also an exhibition on called theSorcerer's cottage.. I took a little video there that you can see here below..


Stayed at a wonderful old farm last night, built around 1920, and only a 20 minute drive from where the concert was.. and every inch of earth here is covered in berries! blueberries and crow-berries (krækiber) and I was given some homemade blueberry jam after the concert! and then some crowberry juice from the farm :) I'm going to pick some berries on the way home on sunday (that is, of course, after watching the game.. Iceland is in the 2008 olympic finals in handball.. playing france for the gold..)



North Iceland.. And over using the word wonderful

I'm back in town again for two nights and then off to the West Fjords for the last part of the tour. Last week I played three concerts in North Iceland, at Sauðárkrókur, Akureyri and Dalvík. At Akureyri I played at the Green hat -græni hatturinn (which is also the name of a very famous Icelandic children's book) and did a short video there. It's a lovely venue and we had a great night there.. On saturday at Dalvík I played in the Church 'Dalvíkurkirkja' which was built in the 50's and has recently been done up, and is a very beautiful building. I also heard that the poem 'Dalakofinn' which I sometimes sing was written in a little hut nearby..(it's a poem that was made into two different melodies as an Icelandic folk song, I sing the version my grandmother used to sing to my dad and his 12 siblings)

Only 16 days left in Iceland and time is flying by, there will be a concert in Reykjavik at the end of the tour (around the 29th) which will be announced here in the next couple of days. I've not managed to catch up with everyone yet and it's looking like it's going to be quite hectic next week.. and I keep thinking there's a month to go... madness :)

But I get to skip the winter and hop straight into spring in New Zealand. I'll be playing at the Alexandra blossom festival at the end of September, then at Southern Amp in Christchurch, and at the Nut point gallery in November.. looking forward to another beautiful summer :)

Here is a little article in the West fjords news site

and here's the video from the green hat: (will do some more in the west fjords, hope to show you the Icelandic horse.. ;) )




Half way

The tour is now half way through, another six concerts to go and one in Reykjavik before I go... Three in a row at the end of this week in North Iceland, Sauðárkrókur, Akureyri and Dalvík.. where I heard there's the museum of magic! (all the old viking magic) which I really want to go and see..

Did an interview with Rúnar at Bylgjan this week, which you can listen to here, and I played 'The day before' live.

Then played at Bæjarbíó in Hafnarfjörður last friday. Instead of writing about it, here's a very quick video blog from there:




Record breaking weather

Have now been in Iceland for a month, and will be for just over a month longer.. It's been so wonderful and it's so nice to see everyone again. Time is flying by so fast and I'm so happy that the coldest bit of winter will be over when I get back to New Zealand. The weather has just been incredible, an all time high the day before yesterday when it reached 27 degrees! (celcius) and I found myself (for the first time ever - in Iceland) taking shelter in the shade! The trip to East Iceland (Djúpivogur and Egilsstaðir) was wonderful.. Ended up having a spontaneous camping holiday with the family by the Lagarfljót (of which there is the story of the Lagarfljót Wyrm: ... A worm/dragon living in the Lagarfljót, near Egilsstaðir, Iceland. ... The unnamed dragon (referred to by the Saxon draca and wyrm) defeated by Beowulf ... And having packed only for two nights, ended up being away for 6 :)

Here are some photos taken on the drive..

This one is my favourite (below) the ''one lane bridge but you can't see if a car's coming''

Yesterday was another stunning sunny one, and stayed warm all through the night.. I did an interview on the Iceland News program Kastljós, which you can watch onlineby clicking here.. It was live, and was recorded at 8pm lastnight in central Reykjavík.. in the evening sunshine...

Tonight I play at Draugasetrið á Stokkseyri.. which is the Ghost centre... and another one of my favourite places to play... I'll post some video and pics from there soon...